Professional, Anesthetic-Free,
In-Home Treatments

Spring Special $329

Includes GST and Digital Record. Offer ends June 30, 2024.

We’re dedicated to canine health and owner education,
striving to exceed your service expectations and improve your dog’s
‘Continuum of Care’ so you can enjoy
a longer, healthier life with your best friend!

Highly Trained Teams

RnR Doggie Dental technicians and handlers are setting the standard for canine dental hygiene by employing highly experienced human dental practitioners with extensive training and accreditation in canine dental anatomy and CPR, as well as best practises for sterilization & COVID 19.

Friendly, Safe and Affordable

RnR Doggie Dental’s highly trained and friendly, mobile teams will clean your dog’s teeth at your home in about an hour. We work with your dog on their level (the floor), in whatever area of the home you and your pet prefer – often the front hall, back deck or garage are perfectly safe and spacious.

Pro Sterilization, No Anesthetic

Our teams use sterilized instruments for each patient and absolutely no sedatives or anesthetic.  Gentle and experienced handlers ensure our expert dental technicians can efficiently scale each tooth.  We use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and take great care to ensure your dog is comfortable.

Dental Treatment Records

We are committed to improving your dog’s ‘continuum of care’ through carefully recording each treatment and flagging any areas of concern. Our teams may identify broken, cracked or loose teeth and other issues that should be addressed by licensed veterinarians, and our digital treatment records make it easy for you to coordinate this care with any veterinarian.

Veterinarian Referrals

Our treatments are not a substitute for regular veterinary dental care. RnR Doggie Dental has extensive training and experience with canine oral hygiene and may coordinate treatments with, or refer patients to, selected veterinary specialists as appropriate or requested.

Setting Industry Standards

The American Animal Health Association recognizes the critical role that preventative oral healthcare plays in promoting the health and wellbeing of dogs by decreasing the adverse effects and pain of periodontal disease. RnR Doggie Dental is a founding member of the Canadian National Canine Dental Hygiene Association and a leading advocate for the health benefits of regular canine oral hygiene care.

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